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Our Guru Ray C

During the voluntary services in Canada, Ray C, the founder of Ray Yoga, realized the introduction of real yoga in Canada. He was encouraged by his yoga students and well-wishers to start a yoga studio to serve the community with real and complete experience of yoga components.


Ray was born and brought up in West Bengal, India where yoga and music were part of life. He started learning yoga when he was 4 years old and continued his learning from the renowned yoga teachers. By the age of 13 he became the Block and District Champion. He advanced his experience in yoga with the world famous yoga school Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar, India. He was taught yoga by yoga teachers Acharya Sanjeeb ji Maharaj and Acharya Abhisek ji Maharaj. Our yoga instructor is also blessed by the renowned yoga guru Pujya Swami Ram Dev Ji Maharaj. Many yogis were trained by our yoga instructor during his stay in India.


Ray, our yoga teacher in Mississauga studio, desires to assist the community with real flow of yoga sadhanas. The complete practice of yoga “Purna Kriya”, introduced by our yoga instructor, is a complete process of yoga practices. “Purna Kriya” is just not sequences of yoga poses. It is beyond the body and mind to grow through the yoga journey. Our yoga instructor in Mississauga, Ray, believe in “Purna Kriya”, a yogic-gadget, which must be the best investment in your life. This yogic-technology is simple from the very first day and it dives to the source of the issues to move yogis into stress free, pain free and healthy life.


Our Yoga Guru personally takes classes every day in studios. He is also involved with many social work through his extensive knowledge and expertise on real and traditional Indian Yoga. The yogis at Catholic Cross Culture, Mississauga; Salvation Army, Brampton; KC Group, Brampton and other organizations are benefited with “PurnaKriya”. Ray is keen to help the entire community with ancient scientific holistic yoga journey.


Our yoga teacher believes personal attentions and authentic yoga actions are the keys to achieve yoga benefits. He builds up a friendly collaboration with all yogis and help them to experience the most extraordinary yogic-journey.


Namaste Aasan

What Our Yogis Say

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