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Private Yoga Classes

One-to-one yoga classes is an exciting experience for both the yoga instructor and the yogi. Once you are not able to attend the group yoga sessions, private yoga lesson is the best option to practise this ancient exercise. Even it is advisable to set up few private yoga classes though you attend group yoga sessions. There are several reasons to motivate you on private yoga lessons.

Own Schedule Saves Time With Private Yoga Classes in Mississauga

Ray Yoga Studio provides several options to save your valuable time to attend personal yoga classes. You do not need to travel to yoga studio. If our class schedules do not match with your routine, or you are not able to travel due to your age or you want to avoid adverse weather condition, our instructor is available to provide you private yoga lessons at your place. Our instructor provides private yoga classes in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and other cities.


We also have the option to attend online private yoga sessions using free application like Skype. Our instructor will conduct the class online and you can attend personal yoga classes from home or office without travelling anywhere and you can save your time.


If your schedules do not match with our class timings, you can book an appointment to attend private yoga lesson at our yoga studios in Mississauga.

Private Yoga Classes in Mississauga

Improve Health Conditions With Private Yoga Lessons in Mississauga

This holistic approach is considered as one of the best therapies for several diseases. If you have any chronic disease or any kind of injury, your yoga poses have to be customized. It is possible in a private yoga class not in a group class. It is a challenge to share your personal health history with yoga instructor in a class. Even if you recover from any injury or illness, you need full attention of the yoga instructor to tailor your poses. Our instructor specially designs yoga classes for pregnant, diabetic, cancer yogis once they attend private yoga lessons.


Uphold Your Confidence Attending Private Yoga Classes in Mississauga

Our private yoga lessons are great opportunities to accommodate your range and space as per your physical and mental capacity. Many enthusiastic yogis lose their confidence once they see other yogis comfortable with yoga poses in yoga classes. Our yoga studios are absolutely competition free and there are always more rooms to improve in each and every yoga pose. But if you have never practiced yoga then few private yoga classes will help you to be more flexible and you will have greater confidence in you. With personal yoga classes you will gain initial experience under the direct supervision of private yoga instructor.


More Safe Better Relation With Personal Yoga Sessions

It is very important to understand the mechanics of breathing techniques and yoga poses. A private yoga instructor can explain you the mechanism more deeply at private yoga classes. Our yoga instructor shows you the safe way to learn yoga sadhnas at private yoga lessons. Not all yoga poses suit to everyone. Our experienced yoga instructor tailors safe yoga flow at private yoga classes. It is also a wonderful opportunity to build up a friendly relation with the instructor at private yoga lessons.


Set Personal Goals And Achieve With Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga lessons provide a wonderful opportunity to set up your personal goals. For example, a cancer patient must have different goal than a yogi who is suffering from arthritis. Our private yoga instructor set up the sequence of yoga flow for private yoga lessons addressing the personal goal of the yogi. It helps to achieve the purpose of the personal yoga classes in the course of time.


Treasure Lifetime Tool With Personal Yoga Lessons

Private yoga classes not only make your body flexible but also unite your mind and spirit with your body. It helps you to deal your everyday life. You acquire the power to control your emotion, your anger, your depression and anxiety. Once you are healthy in mind and healthy in body, you are happy and your happiness brings divine peace. Private yoga lessons provide you a lifetime tool which generate joy in your mind, energy in your body, balance in your emotion, peace in your heats and confidence in you.


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