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Yoga for Diabetes – Believe and Relieve

Around the world 422 million people were diagnosed with diabetes in 2014. Presently in Canada the diabetes and prediabetes patients number has risen to 11 million. It is almost one third Canadian are somehow affected by issues with insulin which regulates blood sugar. As per WHO (World Health Organization) Diabetes is going to be the 7th deadly cause of death by 2030.

How do you know you are diabetic?

There are several symptoms on diabetes problem-

  • Frequent urination
  •  Sudden weight gain or loss
  •  Lack of energy
  •  Serious fatigue
  •  Blurred vision
  •  Poor immune system
  •  Frequent thirst
  • Sexual Problems
  • Numb or tingling hands or feet
  • Vaginal infection

When our pancreas fails to produce any insulin, sugar builds up in our blood and this is known as Type 1 diabetes. In case of Type 2 diabetes either pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or our body does not properly use insulin it makes. Though the cause behind Type 1 diabetes is unknown and not preventable, you can fully control Type 2 diabetes.

Yoga for diabetes

How to get rid of Diabetes practicing yoga?

When glucose builds up in our blood instead of being used for energy, it can cause eye, kidney and nerve problems known as microvascular complication. Diabetes is also responsible for narrowing of the artherosclerosis (arteries) which causes heart disease, strokes, other blood vessel disease which is called as macrovascular disease. Type 2 diabetes can be fully controlled with regular physical activities. Yoga for diabetes is considered one of the best holistic and scientific physical activities to relieve from diabetes specially Type 2 diabetes as it helps to lower glucose (sugar) level in the blood and enhances overall flexibility and fitness.


Stimulate Pancreas for Producing Insulin with Yoga Poses for Diabetes

Yoga is for everyone irrespective of age, weight, caste and creed. When we start practicing yoga for diabetes our pancreas get lots of massages due to back and forth between several yoga poses for diabetes. Yoga poses like Seated Forward Bend (Pachimottanasana), Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), Plough Pose (Halasana) or Wheel Pose (Chakrasana) squeeze and stimulate pancreas increasing blood and oxygen supply. Once the pancreatic cells are stimulated with fresh blood and oxygen, it improves the functionality of pancreas to produce insulin.

Pranayama (Yogic Breathing Exercises) like Kapalbarti (Forehead Breathing Technique), Anuloma Viloma (Alternative Breathing Technique) or Bhastrika (Bellow Breathing Technique) also very helpful to cause contractions and release of pancreas which stimulates our pancreas.

Yoga postures for diabetes patient and Pranayama reduces blood sugar level and LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol and these are the main symptoms of diabetes.


Exercising the Muscles with Yoga for Diabetes Patients

In gym we play with equipment but in a yoga class for diabetes we play with our own body. We lift our own body, we bend our own body and we stretch our own body when we practice yoga poses for diabetes. Consequently muscular cells adopt more glucose and lower blood sugar levels. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana), Crow Pose (Bakasana), Head to Toe Pose (Padngusthanasana) are few names to work out on your muscles which help to control diabetes.


Managing Stress with Yoga Poses for Diabetes

Stress is the worst thing for our body and mind. Stress even change the DNA structure and causes all kinds of diseases. Stressed people experience high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It affects their emotions and blood sugar levels go up. With “emotional eating” stressed people gain weights and loose controls on their healthy life style.

There is no doubt that yoga is one of the best integrative ways to reduce your stress and anxiety. When we practice yoga poses for diabetes we use the tools to unite body, mind and soul with physical and mental disciplines. Yoga for diabetes patients promotes relaxation and they experience peacefulness of body and mind. Once diabetes or prediabetes patients start practicing yoga for diabetes control, they feel the improvements on chemical balances in their brain which reduces stress, depression and anxiety. Stress free people can avoid diabetes and realize the magical power of yoga.  


Adopting Healthy Lifestyle with Yoga for Diabetes Patients

Without healthy lifestyle, diabetes cannot be controlled with medicines alone. Yoga for diabetes teaches to be mindful. A diabetes patient who practices yoga for diabetes is more self-controlled and more easily accepts the truth keeping mind alive in the present time. Mindfulness helps diabetes patients with yoga for diabetes to say ‘NO’ to unhealthy foods though brain insist badly. Mindfulness supports diabetes patients with yoga poses for diabetes to adopt regular yoga practicing though body wants to relax on sofa watching shows. Mindfulness assists diabetes patients with yoga for diabetes cure to accept the truth once their physical conditions are very challenging. Diabetic yogis are always very positive, rather feeling of sad and shame.


Reduces Weight with Yoga for Diabetes Control

With practicing yoga for diabetes a diabetic patient can control eating unhealthy foods, consuming sugar contents, and having enough sleeps. Once these are controlled then patience reduces weight with regular yoga poses. Weight control is crucial to fight with diabetes.


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Kapalbhati (Forehead Breathing Exercise) and Bhastrika (Breath of Fire Breathing Exercise) Pranayama can reduce 4 to 6 kilos abdominal fat in four weeks. Over weight can also be controlled by practicing Sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) 10 times every day with other yoga poses for diabetes.


Once you make your mind to practice yoga for diabetes, you should consult with your doctor.