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Weight Loss Yoga Classes in Mississauga


Worldwide the obesity rates have gone up by 300% since 1980. According to 2014 survey by Statistics Canada 20.2% Canadians aged 18 and older, classified as obese. The law of thermodynamics is applicable in case of weight gain. The input of energy into a machine minus the energy out of machine and the rest has to be stored somewhere which is FAT!


Unhealthy food habits, consumptions of uncontrolled sugar contents, less sleeping habits, inherited fat genes may be the reasons of overweight or obesity but you can reduce weight attending yoga classes for Weight loss and Obesity


Fat can be stored in gut, chest, arms, thighs, butt or in hips. Fat which is metabolically active can be reduced by proper yoga for reducing fat but extra fat in arms, gut, chest can be cause of heart disease, diabetes or cancer. You need rigorous yoga practice with healthy diet to reduce fat in hips, butt or in thighs as the fat in these areas are not metabolically active. The good news is that there is a lower risk to develop diseases from the fat from these areas. Yoga for weight loss burn calories, active central nervous system which regulates complicated hormones, reduce stress, anxiety and improve self-image.

Burn Your Stubborn Fat Stores in Weight Loss Yoga Classes

Unexpended calories turn into fat and we gain weight. Weight loss yoga classes help to burn calories and keep balance between input and output of calories. The unique yoga flow at Ray Yoga Studio starts with exercises followed by breathing techniques, weight loss yoga poses, meditation and relaxation. Yoga classes for weight loss can empower committed yogis to burn 400 to 600 calories per hour. Bhastrika Pranayama (Breath of Fire) can help to reduce 4-6 kgs abdominal fat in one month. Veerbhadrasana, Vrksana, Utkatasana, Surya Namaskar are highly advisable to reduce weight.


Healthy Hormone Levels- effect of Yoga Classes for Weight Loss

Yoga poses controls leptin and insulin sensitivity which are highly responsible for losing weight. Practicing proper pranayama and asanas, yogis improve the performance of thyroid, testosterone, and estrogen hormones.


Beat Stress Beat Weight- Only Through Weight Loss Yoga Classes for Men and Women

Stress and depression are also causes of weight gain. Stressed or depressed people eat not out of hunger but the stress hormone cortisol insists body to eat more and increased blood sugar. When you attend weight loss yoga classes, your body lowers levels of stress hormones and increases insulin sensitivity and adopt energies from food instead of storing calories as fat. It is well proved that Yoga is best practice to reduce stress and depression.


Strengthen Mind Achieve Goal Through Obesity Yoga Classes in Mississauga

There are many negative influences around us to destruct your mind from your goal of reducing weight. Only strong mind power can enable you to reach your apex. Dedicated practice of Meditation increases consciousness of your mind and you will feel the process of waking up. Mind becomes ready to take proper decisions and you will be awaked with spiritual nature. The awakening will encourage to eliminate all unhealthy habits and you will touch your ultimate goal with your yoga journey.


Improve Self-image Practicing Yoga Classes for Weight Loss and Obesity

Yogis develop a strong mind-body connection which trains their minds with self-acceptance. Overweight or obesity is a challenge in the society. Mainly young people lose their confidence and self-esteem. Yoga practices enable mind to accept the body and increase self-image.


This is the time to roll out your mat, unite your body, breath and mind and conquer your dream of losing weight. Ray Yoga Studio will make a difference with YOU!

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