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Men Yoga Classes in Mississauga, Ontario

Men yoga classes

Yoga used to be all men activities since its development 5,000 years back and even a 50 years ago there was no women yogi in a class. Nowadays yoga is women dominated. It is mistake that yoga is for women, yoga is not a decent workout or men are not flexible for pretzel like poses. Men think that it is for sissies. If you think so ask Blue Jay slugger Joe Carter. Players of Maple Leafs or the Argonauts practise yoga as well.


Few Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Men Yoga

Actually yoga poses are unisex with few exceptions. It align our body, mind and spirit according to the requirements of our health issues, our emotions or our energy levels. This holistic approach is beneficial to all human beings and surely men are not excluded. Even the history tells us that all revolutions in yoga came with the incredible contributions of Men Yogis.

Build Muscle without Hassle with Yoga Classes for Men in Mississauga

Men yoga practice requires lifting weights but different from gym. You can build and gain muscles by lifting your own bodyweight. Heavy lifting at gym may make you more aggressive and tired but yoga classes for men make you more flexible and bring athletic ability without workout related injuries. Yoga practice is very popular for muscle recovery and repair. Men yoga poses tones all muscles of the body while weight training builds specific muscle group at a time. The impacts at joints are almost negligible in case of men yoga but it may be serious in weight training. Yoga poses such as Virabhadrasana, Setu Bandhasana, Utkatasana, Narvasana, Kakasana are few examples to build your muscle.


Blessed With Flexibility Attending Yoga Classes for Men

It is a misconception that body has to be flexible for yoga. But the truth is just opposite. You will surely be more flexible practicing yoga. Yoga is the foundation of flexibility. We born with the ability to move muscles and joints to their complete range but with age we get lazy, muscles become weaken, and joints move up to limited range. Gradually our flexible fibers get covered up with collagenous connective tissue which turn the fibers into stiff condition. Attendance of yoga classes for men enable tissues to produce lubricants stopping dehydration and all of our tendons, ligaments, and muscle become flexible. Yoga for men also increase balance, reduce ageing process, and strengthen every man needs. Poses like Adho Mukha Svanadana, Baddha Konasana, Malasana, Janu Sirsasana, Natarajasana are few names to make your body fit and flexible and to bring balance in your life too.


Defeat Stress Destroy Depression with Our Men Yoga Classes for Men

In jam-packed schedule stress and anxiety are everywhere. At Ray Yoga Studio we follow the unique flow which is most effective for reducing stress and removing depression. Our men yoga classes start with work out followed by pranayama (breathing technique), yoga asana (pose), meditation and concluded with relaxation. This unique flow unite body, mind, emotion and spirit. The united body-mind stimulates brain function and improves concentration. Kapalbarti and Bhastrika Pranayama increases oxygen in blood which boost up our energy. Men yoga poses reduce stress and anxiety, relaxed body and mind get good sleep and mind will be depression free.


men yoga

Better Sex Married Life Practicing Yoga for Men

There is no doubt that men yoga improves sex life uniting body and mind. Successful sex life has some requirements and yoga fulfills all these necessities. For extra stamina in bedroom you need strong muscles. Chaturanga, Kumbhakasana, Bhadrasana strengthen your muscles which are mainly used during sex. Your body gets perfect support from your strong muscles and you build up healthy body image and self-esteem.


Once you are flexible, your body allows you to move easily in different poses. Yoga for men make your body more flexible and you achieve your dream.


Yoga classes for men increases yogi’s libido. Yoga poses like Setu Bandhasana, Garudasana, Baddha Konasana, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana highly increases libido and make life more enjoyable.


Stressed mind kills mood of sexual enjoyment. Ray Yoga Studio advices men on stress free yoga poses for pleasant sex life. When your life is stress free, you will feel good in sex life.


Once your muscles are strong, you are flexible, your libido in high level and you are stress free, you feel confident yourself and now you are really sexy.

So….get yourself on the mat and don’t deprive your life of some wonders!

What Our Yogis Say

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