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Cancer Yoga Classes in Mississauga, Ontario

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, 206,200 patients will be diagnosed with cancer and 80,800 people will die from cancer in Canada in 2017. Every day approximately 221 Canadians die from cancer. Yoga for cancer has the power to control this leading cause of death. It is well known that yoga for cancer is one of the best complementary therapies and nowadays doctors are recommending to practise yoga to cancer patients.


Be a Winner, Not a Whiner

The life of a cancer patience is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging from the first day of diagnosis. Continuous medications, surgery, radiation or chemotherapy make the body fatigue, stiff and energy less. Patients cannot breathe properly and feel tremendous pain. The anxiety level goes extremely high. Patients cannot live their life. They lose the power to win the fight and turn into a whiner.


Ray Yoga Studio in Mississauga introduces special cancer yoga classes to beat the challenge and you are most welcome to be a winner.

What our Cancer Yoga Classes can do for you?


Cancer yoga is a gift of ancient practice which provides physical and mental tool to develop inner environment that prepares the mind for upcoming challenges. Our life saving cancer yoga classes in Mississauga are safe and designed with special cautions. We work with our cancer yogis to live painless life, not to run away from cancer.


At least 8 reasons should inspire you to experience our yoga classes for cancer patients in our yoga studio.

  • Eliminate Toxins from Body Participating Cancer Yoga Classes: Medicines and treatments pollute the body of the cancer patients. Tired body of the patient lose the power to cleanse the toxins. Yoga for cancer elevate internal purification processes by putting more oxygen in blood and supplying energetic nutrients to exhausted cells. Yoga asana and Pranayama work as a cleanser and eliminate toxins.
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety Attending Yoga for Cancer Patients: : There is no doubt that cancer patients face rigorous medical treatments which increase their stress and anxiety. It is well proved that yoga reduces stress and anxiety. Cancer patients who attend cancer yoga classes recover faster than other patients because stress free body and mind adopt healthier immune system quickly. Cancer yogis minimize anxiety and welcome changes in relaxing way.
  • Cancer Yoga Classes Good Exercise for Cancer Yogis:: Cancer patients or survivors experience nervous system imbalances, physical pain and less ability to move. It becomes difficult to complete their daily work. Regular yoga-exercise is the best way to increase activeness, motion, strength and flexibility. Gentle exercises in our cancer yoga classes offer a perfect and balanced entire-body exercise which massage every muscle and nerve in the body.    
  • Sleep Better Stay Energetic with Yoga for Cancer Patients:Body needs enough rest to recover from the rigorous treatment. But stressed mind and tired body cannot rest without quality sleep. Our cancer yoga classes in Mississauga help to release the tension and relax the body which improve sleep pattern and duration. Practicing yoga is the best way to eliminate your insomnia.
  • Less Chance of Recurrence when you Practise Cancer Yoga Classes: After initial treatment cancer can come back. There are several reasons but we must take precautions to stop recurrence of cancer. Fatness is always a risk factor for cancer. Yoga is always effective to reduce body fat density. Disciplined practise of cancer yoga lessen the chance of recurrence cancer. 
  • Holistic Approach for Inner Peace with Yoga for Cancer Patients:: Yoga is a holistic approach which develop an inner environment that allow us to feel the existence of our healthy body and mind within us. Once your mind is self-empowered to identify you within you, you will realize inner peace leaving all tensions, frustrations, worries and pains. Attending cancer yoga classes is so important to awaken this state of mind. 
  • Boost Self Esteem with our Cancer Yoga Classes: The health conditions of cancer patients and survivors deteriorate very quickly. They lose self-esteem due to negative body image and changed life-style. Our yoga for cancer patients helps cancer yogis to develop self-awareness, encourage self-love and self-acceptance. Once the cancer yogis attend yoga classes for cancer the nervous system get more active with increased gamma-aminobutyric acid. They can control their mood, emotion more efficiently and overcome all body image challenges.
  • Get Peer Support at Ray Yoga Classes for Cancer Patients: You will find other cancer yogis in our cancer yoga classes in Mississauga studio. Once you are part of our yogi-family, you will have opportunity to share your experience and feelings with your peers. You will have mental support from them and you will not feel isolated. It helps to throw out all your mental debris and to grow through your yoga journey. You will have comfort in most dis-comfort situation.

What Our Yogis Say

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