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Ear Pressure Pose (Karnapidasana): How to do, Benefits and Precautions

Meaning of Ear Pressure Pose or Ear to Knee Pose (Karnapidasana)

Karnapidasana or Ear Pressure Pose is considered one of the most important inversion poses. This pose made up of karna+pida+asana, karna means ear, pida means force, and asana means pose/posture. This asana is also called as Raja Halasana (Lord Furrow Pose). This pose basically identified with your ear.

How to Pronounce Karnapidasana (Ear Pressure Pose or Ear to Knee Pose)

It is pronounced as Karṇapīḍāsana

Glimpses of Ear Pressure Pose or Ear to Knee Pose

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 30-60 seconds

Improves: It improve your every part of the body from knees to ears, as it stretches them all massaging shoulders, neck, back, glutes and hamstrings. It also activates Throat Chakra (Vishddha), Solar Plexus Chakra(Manipura) and Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana).

Precautions before Ear Pressure Pose (Karnapidasana)

If you have a problem of high blood pressure and asthma, make use of props for supporting your legs. Also it is recommended to avoid this asana if you feel any kind of extreme pain in the body parts. You must not practice this pose during menstruation, diarrhea, and any kind of serious injury. Always consult with doctor before starting yoga.

How to Practice Ear Pressure Pose (Karnapidasana)

  • Step 1: Lie down on your back and put your hands side at resting position, your legs are positioned at front of you.
  • Step 2:Take a deep breath and start raising your legs in the air and keep your legs together straight in the air. Now exhale and put your legs over your head.
  • Step 3: Lift your hips above as you pull up your legs in the air.
  • Step 4: Lift your hands and put them under your lower back part to support your buttocks. Keep your knees bend holding them together.
  • Step 5:Now put down your knees towards your chin and take a deep breath.
  • Step 6: Open your bended knees and put them on floor on both sides of your head.
  • Step 7: Now gently press the top of your knees against your ears.
  • Step 8: Stretch your arms and spread your arms on the floor, palms facing the floor. In this step your fingers can be interlaced behind your body keeping your both arms straight.
  • Step 9: Hold this position for about 30-60 Seconds and slowly roll out to the normal posture. Repeat the same steps minimum 2 times.

Tips for Convenience

  • While performing Karnapidasanaif your knees don’t come easily to the ground keep them up until they come to the ground automatically.
  • You will always feel pressure on your neck and you should not move your neck and head to avoid any kind of injury.
  • There is a light weight in the neck in this pose, so it is recommended to not move your head frequently. 
  • You can also try to perform this asana through a different way, by doing Wheel pose (Chakrasana).

Instructor’s Role in Ear Pressure Pose (Karnapidasana)

While you are performing a yoga pose, yoga instructor’s experienced eyes know what you should do and what you should skip to avoid any kind of injury. Specially Ear Pressure Pose (Karnapidasana) not really suitable for all yogis. A yoga instructor can help you getting the same posture with alterations and variations of the pose depending upon your body structure and flexibility.

Benefits of Ear Pressure Pose (Karnapidasana)

  • Once yogis pressure their ears with knees it helps them to treat the ear problems like hearing issues, infections, tinnitus and many more.
  • Spine is the primary support of our body. This pose makes our spinal column flexible as it provides full range of motion.
  • It provides an ancient method to massage digestive organs inside our belly. With regular practice of Knee-to-Ear pose you can get rid of acidity, constipation, bloating and indigestion issues.
  • If your menstrual cycle is irregular, heart rate is irregular, breathing is irregular, body temperature is irregular and muscles are weak, you should really take care of your Thyroid Glands. Ear Pressure Pose is considered to be the best yoga pose for enabling Thyroid Glands to work with full power.
  • It provides many benefits to your lungs and improves your breathing.
  • It makes your shoulders and neck pain free and broadens them.
  • It helps to get relief of stress, anxiety, fatigue and sleeping disorders.
  • With regular practice, it increases energy levels and controls negativities.
  • It releases the muscle tissue from knees to ear.
  • This pose is strongly advisable for insomnia, infertility, sinusitis and backache.
  • It stimulates three Chakras – Throat Chakra (Vishddha), Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) and Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana) which purifies your mind, balance energy, endorse creativity and productivity.

Preparatory Pose

  • Child Pose (Balasana)
  • Plow Pose (Halasana)
  • Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)
  • Downward Facing Doc (ArdhoMukhaSavnasana)

Follow-up Pose

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