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Yoga to Keep Body Warm in Winter

Locust Posture or SalabhasanaDo you pray every year that the winter season is eliminated from the yearly seasons? And each year, you are instantly upset when the winter has showed up yet again. Drinking hot chocolate by your fireplace is not the only way to keep warm during the crazy cold winter. Yoga is something that can keep you warm and help you get through yet another freezing season.

Whenever the snow is falling outside your window, and you are quivering underneath your thick blanket, gather your willpower and get up, place that yoga mat on the floor, and try these 5 yoga poses to keep yourself warm.


Plank or Kumbhakasana

Plank pose isn’t only a stomach exercise that challenges the core; it is also a staple pose in yoga due to its spinal-toning and shoulder-strengthening aspect.

In the event that you think planks are not that great, be sure, there are a lot of ways to make things interesting during exercise. Though, if you wish to spice this pose up a bit and create more heat, you can include some shoulder tapping by lifting alternating arms and keep the rest of the body stable.


Headstand or Sirsasana

The core engagement and focus needed to do a headstand creates an incredible amount of warmth, and it is perfect for when the temperature drops way below than normal. This yoga pose makes the entire body stronger while soothing the mind, and gives a beautiful change to your regular upright viewpoint.

In case you are simply starting to do a headstand, practice against a wall or with the assistance of a yoga teacher and a friend.


Revolved Chair Posture or Parivrtta Utkatasana

Chair pose in itself is an awesome method to strengthen your entire body and, also, warm you up from top to bottom. But if you bring a twist to it, you will be able to add much more heat by using loads of body engagement.

It detoxifies and cleanses your full body, and slowly elevates your inner warmth in the procedure. Ensure that you have correct body alignment as you twist more. Breathe deeply during the twist and enjoy the heat that it gets.


Bridge Posture or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Back bends are an extraordinary method to trigger that inner warmth without having to increase your monthly electricity bills.

Pretend as if you are squeezing an imaginary thing with your thighs to steer clear of any pointless strain on your lower back. Keep your eyes closed and maintain deep and even breathing pattern as you raise your hips and open your upper back and chest.


Locust Posture or Salabhasana

This is a wonderful preliminary yoga pose when you are moving in the direction of deeper backbends. Completing a couple of rounds of locust pose will truly activate your internal warmth while providing your body a great exercise. This one makes the length of your spine, back of your torso, your arms and your legs stronger.

Try them and don’t forget to have some fun, and very soon, you will start to forget you were even feeling cold at all.



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